Expert taste tests confirm quality of our fish

The quality and taste of our fish is critical to the success of the Pure Salmon business.

With the largest fish in the Poland facility reaching 2.5kg it has been possible to conduct independent empirical tests and tastings by experts to show the biological and taste quality of the fish from our facility. The empirical tests were carried out by a university and a third-party accredited laboratory in Poland. The fish were tested were for various types of bacteria and fungi, which where found to be absent.

Additionally, water from the tanks in the Poland facility was tested for the presence of Geosminand 2-Methylisoborneol (MIB), which could cause an “off-flavour’ in the fish. Neither were detected.

Taste tests were also conducted on the fish from the Poland facility. The salmon was prepared in a Warsaw Sushi Restaurant and tasted as Sashimi in various prepared forms. Feedback from the tastings by aquaculture experts and chefs has been very positive with the typical comments being that the salmon has a good, clean taste with the right texture and fat content. It was noted that the taste will improve further as the fish get larger and closer to harvest weight of 4kg.

“Texture and consistency is nice, fat content also…. I can truly recommend Pure Salmon for all kinds cuisine.”
Adrian Budziński, Sushi Master & Head Sushi Chef, Tomo Sushi Restaurant Warsaw

“We were very impressed for a salmon of 2/3 kg. Color, texture, fat percentage and taste were up to my expectation.”
Emmanuel Sebag, Seafood Director, Leofresh

“Colour of fish meat was bright as it should be on high quality salmon.”
Miroslav Skrabal (Board Chairman & Head of Investments) & Miroslav Horak (Head of Processing & Gastro&Food Expert), Taneco

“I am extremely happy with the tasting and the similarity with Norwegian salmon and I am excited by the prospect of the taste improving even further.“
David Cahill, Global Head of Production, Pure Salmon