COP 27 : Pure Salmon’s presentation on Water Day focuses on the importance of water efficiency in farming

On the occasion of the Blue Entrepreneurship Journey, the Pure Salmon team gave some explanations on the technical aspects of approaching water sustainability in an aquaculture system. Pur Salmon’s mission is to support a transition to more sustainable and water efficient aquaculture where the objective is to provide a highly efficient aquaculture system in terms of water consumption as well as a level of animal welfare without compromise.

Gérald Toledano during his presentation to COP 27, exposes the vision of Pure Salmon : “Imagine the future of pristine oceans, a future in which we could enjoy the highest quality fish while caring for our planet and for generations to come”

Christian Rønning describes the challenge facing aquaculture and what solution Pure Salmon provides:
“The question for us is what do we now need to look at the first challenge we came across is really the definition of what is good water quality for our standard systems the water quality is known we need to have oxygen for the fish we need to remove particles remove CO2 and nitrogen compounds”.

Christian-Rønning presentation Water Days COP 27

“We need to have oxygen for the fish we need to remove particles remove CO2 and nitrogen compounds” Christian-Rønning

Pure Salmon provides a solution to the fisheries supply crisis without damaging or further exploiting the oceans. Global population growth means that current methods of sourcing fish will soon no longer be able to meet growing consumer demand, meaning the seafood industry is in dire need of an innovative solution. and sustainable.
To watch to the entire conference, click on the video link below.