Pure Samon RAS projects to install Scottish stunning tech

Aquaculture technology specialist Ace Aquatec has been providing consultations to Pure Salmon in the design of its facilities planned for Japan,France and the US.

Land-based salmon farming facilities being built by Pure Salmon in Japan, France and the US will utilize humane stunning technology supplied by Scotland’s Ace Aquatec, the latter has said.

“Ace Aquatec’s award-winning electrical humane stunner universal (HSU) offers a unique solution amid industry calls for better welfare standards,” the company claimed.

Ace’s northern Europe regional manager, Preben Imset Matre, has been in talks with Pure Salmon. He added: “Over the last few months, we’ve been working closely with Pure Salmon on their upcoming harvesting facilities in Japan, France and USA. We are grateful for their trust, and very pleased with the collaboration. Pure Salmon’s vision of building state-of-the-art production and harvesting facilities that puts fish welfare at the forefront is a perfect fit for our technology and products.”

David Cahill, global head of production for Pure Salmon, added that “conscious fish husbandry and animal welfare are at the core” of the company’s mission.

All three of the abovementioned Pure Salmon facilities have broken ground.