Pure Salmon in the Media
Feedmaker Nutreco reveals itself as Pure Salmon backer
Published by Undercurrent News · 8 Oct, 2020
Nutreco CEO Rob Koremans said the Dutch feed giant is one of the backers of Pure Salmon.
Pure Salmon breaks ground on Japan land-based farm
Published by Undercurrent News · 23 Sep, 2020
Land-based salmon farming operation Pure Salmon has broken ground on its first of several planned facilities.
Pure Salmon unveils design for processing plant at Japanese land-based farm
Published by Undercurrent News · 22 Jul, 2020
Pure Salmon has unveiled design plans for a processing facility specific to its "Soul of Japan" site, based on a capacity of 10,000 metric tons per annum.
Pure Salmon to push ‘land-based, local salmon’ in brand identity
Published by Undercurrent News · 6 Jul, 2020
The sustainability of land-based production and the draw of locally produced food will be part of Pure Salmon's brand identity when it begins marketing.
Pure Salmon begins $700m fundraising for five China RAS units
Published by Undercurrent News · 3 Jul, 2020
8F Investment Partners is raising capital for the China portion of its $1.6 billion plan to produce 260,000 metric tons of salmon in RAS technology.
Price premiums expected, but not needed, for land-based salmon pioneers
Published by Undercurrent News · 1 Jul, 2020
Land-based salmon operations may, and probably should, earn a price premium when compared to "traditional" net-pen farms, but premium not necessary for profits.
Labeyrie veteran Govare named board chairman of Pure Salmon France
Published by Undercurrent News · 12 Jun, 2020
Xavier Govare, the former CEO of Labeyrie Fine Foods, has been named chairman of the board of the new Pure Salmon land-based farming facility in France.
Pure Salmon’s Polish fish achieves sustainability recommendation
Published by Undercurrent News · 27 Mar, 2020
Fish from Pure Salmon's Polish land-based farm has been endorsed by the Ocean Wise Seafood program as an ocean-friendly farmed fish option.
8F raises $360m to fund four land-based salmon projects
Published by Undercurrent News · 16 Mar, 2020
8F Asset Management has completed its first round of fundraising for its Pure Salmon land-based aquaculture project, bringing in $358.8 million.
ASC approval for Pure Salmon Poland
Published by Fish Farmer · 24 Jan, 2020
LAND based salmon farm company Pure Salmon has achieved Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification.
EU’s largest RAS salmon farm to be built in France
Published by Salmon Business · 20 Jan, 2020
10,000-tonne site to built-in Boulogne Sur Mer, Northern France.
Itochu snaps up Pure Salmon future production in Japan
Published by SeafoodSource · 20 Aug, 2019
Pure Salmon has just signed a major distribution deal with Japanese trading giant Itochu in Tsu City, Japan.
Pure Salmon signs distribution deal worth $200m with Japan’s Itochu
Published by Undercurrent News · 1 Aug, 2019
Pure Salmon has signed a deal with Itochu to distribute the 10,000 metric tons of Atlantics it plans to produce in a RAS farm in the Asian country.
Shockingly low consumer awareness of microplastics in fish
Published by Food & Drink Industry News · 11 Apr, 2019
Just four in ten consumers are aware of the issue of microplastics in fish according to a new survey from Pure Salmon.
Salmon on Land
Published by Portfolio Institutionell · 11 Feb, 2019
Driven by the growing global appetite for fish, the shares of conventional salmon farmers in 2018 were able to increase by 40 percent in some cases.
Salmon under Management
Published by Portfolio Institutionell · 11 Feb, 2019
Salmon farming is a very lucrative investment – but now there is a more sustainable alternative to traditional farming in the sea.
Pure Salmon reveals further expansion
Published by Fish Focus · 11 Feb, 2019
Pure Salmon reveals further expansion details of sustainable land-based fish farms in US and European markets.
Land-based salmon farmer secures $20 million funding
Published by The Fish Site · 11 Feb, 2019
Pure Salmon has secured US $20 million in funding for a 20,000 tonnes per annum, land-based salmon farm in Tazewell County, Virginia.
Pure Salmon plans 20,000t RAS US site
Published by Undercurrent News · 8 Feb, 2019
Land-based salmon farming firm Pure Salmon has announced the latest details of its ambitious American and European expansion plans.
Land-based salmon farming company announces multimillion dollar projects in US, France, Italy and China
Published by SalmonBusiness · 8 Feb, 2019
Pure Salmon plan major global expansion – with one boosted by a USD 20m backing from US government.
Pure Salmon promised $20m aid to open RAS plant in US
Published by FishFarmingExpert · 7 Feb, 2019
Pure Salmon has named Tazewell County, Virginia as the site for a 20,000-tonne facility to serve the eastern United States.
Start-up to launch salmon range for a ‘resource-strained world’
Published by FoodBev Media · 30 Jan, 2019
A new brand of Atlantic salmon is striving to establish a new path for sustainable fishing, as pressure continues to grow on marks like MSC-certified.
Can Pure Salmon change the game for RAS grow-out?
Published by FishFarmingExpert · 12 Dec, 2018
A recent study concluded that on-land salmon farms posed no immediate threat to the Scottish industry's expansion. Pure Salmon's plans may prompt a re-think.
Tech for Good: Sustainability at the heart of new land-based salmon farming initiative
Published by Information Age · 11 Dec, 2018
Investment in sustainable technology is imperative if we are too halt and reverse some of the damage we have done to our planet.
Land-based salmon farmer sets 260,000 tonne target
Published by The Fish Site · 12 Nov, 2018
The land-based fish farming company Pure Salmon has announced plans to produce 260,000 tonnes of Atlantic salmon per year.
New market player in land-based salmon farming
Published by Fish Focus · 12 Nov, 2018
New market player in land based salmon farming as Pure Salmon launches major global rollout of RAS facilities.
New land-based salmon producer bares plans to build global RAS facilities
Published by Hatchery International · 12 Nov, 2018
A recently launched Atlantic salmon producer plans to build a network of land-based RAS farms across Europe, Asia and North America.
Pure Salmon to launch major RAS facility in Japan
Published by Far Eastern Agriculture · 9 Nov, 2018
Pure Salmon, global salmon farming company, has announced to launch major Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) facility in Japan.
Global roll-out of land based salmon
Published by FISHupdate · 8 Nov, 2018
PLANS to establish land based salmon farms across the world have been launched by Pure Salmon.
Private equity firm launches 260,000-tonne RAS ‘mission’
Published by FishFarmingExpert · 7 Nov, 2018
A new land-based Atlantic salmon farming company is launching with what it says is “a mission to revolutionise the industry”.
PE fund envisions global network of land-based salmon farms
Published by IntraFish · 5 Nov, 2018
Group has ambitious goal to reach a production target of 260,000 metric tons per year across a global network of facilities.
“Soul of Japan” fully integrated indoor salmon farm and processing plant
Published by SalmonBusiness · 24 Oct, 2018
USD 162 million Japanese project is a fully integrated RAS salmon farm, with hatchery, grow-out and processing facilities.