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  • Our clean technology
    Pure Salmon benefits from
    the world’s most advanced,
    sustainable and
    environmentally friendly
    aquaculture solution

    Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) technology is a disruptive, non-invasive, land-based aquaculture method that will reshape the fish farming industry.

    Its attributes offer pristine living conditions to our fish and ensure the finest quality product for our customers while protecting the environment and the ocean ecosystems.

    Why is RAS fish
    farming important
    for the planet and
    seafood consumers?
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    Fish raised in open environments contain traces of plastic.
    Conventional salmon farming in open net pens contaminates marine ecosystems with chemicals & pathogens.
    Current salmon farming methods lead to increased Greenhouse Gas Emissions through airfreight and is no longer sustainable.
    In order to respond to increasing demand for salmon land-based RAS is the only sustainable solution.
    Clear & pure

    In our RAS facilities, over 99% of the water is recirculated using proprietary, cutting-edge filtration and oxygenation systems. The purity of the water ensures the absence of plastic, diseases and sea lice and negates the use of any antibiotics or pesticides. All organic waste is collected for beneficial uses.

    Safe & traceable

    From egg to harvest and processing, Pure Salmon are farmed in an uncontaminated environment with complete bio-security 24/7. Pure Salmon is fully traceable from egg to plate.

    Resource efficient

    Our RAS technology is highly efficient in its use of water, land and resources. Energy conservation and heat saving solutions are implemented at all Pure Salmon production sites.

    & flexible

    The modular facilities can be located anywhere in the world (even far in-land, as the technology we use does not require sea water) and their size can be adapted to local production targets. Each module within our RAS facilities is designed as a self-contained production unit, with backup systems for all biological functions.

    food production

    By maintaining the production in closed containment systems, Pure Salmon does not affect the ocean ecosystems or any natural marine life. By producing Atlantic salmon locally, only hours away from major population centres, Pure Salmon is fresher for consumers and drastically reduces carbon emissions and the costs caused by transporting salmon around the world.

    Our technology
    8F has chosen a superior RAS technology provider, which creates the optimum environment for our salmon, at every growth stage.
    We prioritise investment in Research & Development to optimise the features of our technology, including the reduction of carbon emissions across our value chain.