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  • Our local solution to a global challenge
    We promise a
    brighter future.
    For seafood. For us.
    For the planet.
    Our oceans
    are in danger.
    They can't sustain more fishing
    pressure to supply the increasing
    global demand for healthy salmon.


    As global fish demand increases, a supply deficit of approximately 33 million tons is expected by 2030.

    Source: U.N. FAO “The State of World Fisheries & Aquaculture”, 2018

    About worldwide fish
    consumption increase
    and harmful fishing
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    are exposed.
    Pollution, chemicals, plastic waste and sea-lice are deteriorating the life of marine ecosystems.


    Projections indicate that by 2050, the ratio of fish to plastics could be 1:1.

    Source: World Economic Forum, 2016

    About the
    consequences of
    pollution and global
    warming on our
    oceans and the planet.
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    the global shortage
    of healthy seafood
    Our Mission

    Our ambition is to the address the shortage in world fish supply in the most efficient, responsible and environmentally sustainable manner, which we believe will change fish farming practices forever.

    We are committed to globally scaling up land-based RAS technology through a network of smart-tech facilities in major consumption centres around the world: Europe, North America, Japan and China. Proximity to major metropolitan areas and shorter supply chains reduce the pollution from global transportation and keeps Pure Salmon fresher for longer.

    the global leader
    of sustainable Salmon
    Our Vision

    We aim to reach a global market leadership position by producing and distributing 260,000 tons p.a. of the finest, freshest and cleanest Atlantic Salmon while avoiding damage to the ocean ecosystems and minimising our carbon footprint. Positive impact is one of our core value propositions.

    Ensure the finest
    Our Commitment

    Pure Salmon carefully and passionately brings our ambition to life with a seasoned and complementary team of aquaculture industry veterans who manage our integrated operations. Our attention to detail in all aspects of the value chain – from egg through grow-out to harvest, processing and distribution.

    The day to day operations at our state-of-the-art RAS facilities involve the commitment of a wide range of experts: from aquaculture engineers controlling environmental conditions, to highly skilled operators of our advanced biological systems, to veterinarians ensuring the welfare of our fish and quality control specialists that check every fish.

    Our Global Presence
    The facilities in Poland, Japan, the US and France comprise phase 1
    of Pure Salmon’s roll-out plans and contribute 40,500 tons of production
    to its 260,000-ton global target. The expansion plan of our sites across various regions of the world aims to provide a responsible choice for consumers and the environment as locally as possible.